Lawn Care

Lawn Mowing

We offer residential and commercial mowing, on a per cut or contract basis. Rest assured you know that one company is handling all your outdoor services.
Proper Mowing and control of clippings is critical in maintaining a thick healthy lawn. Simple things to consider….

  • Mow high – keeping a taller stand of grass, cools the soil, reduces weeds and deepens roots.
  • Mow Often – Mowing promotes Growth, and never mow more than 1/3 of the blade at a time.
  • Mow with sharp Blades – Sharpen 3 times per season for homeowner use.
    – Sharpen weekly for commercial use. Replace 3 to 5 times per season.

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Residential and commercial gardening service that can be weekly, by-weekly or monthly. Packages include Spring and fall clean ups, Fresh mulch and edging of all beds and tree wells as needed. Have a special event, need a quick-reno?……Its that easy.!


Nature’s Choice Lawn Care & Irrigation / The Weedbusters Inc. uses its own blend of fertilizer that is very well known throughout the area. Its mix ensures vigour from time of application until the follow up application with just the proper amount of slow release agents. We offer 3 different season long packages, as well as winter dormancy fertilizer.

From small residential homes to Soccer Parks and Commercial Sites, we have the tools ready to do the job…….

Weed Control

Working with in the guidelines of Provincial legislation, broad-leaf weed control applied by one of our Licensed Technicians….

What you should know…..

Weed controls only targets what it touches, and not its seeds. Often a plant like clover which contains an umbrella type leaf, will need two applications throughout a season.

More information download the Fiesta Lawn Weed Killer PDF (1909)

Grub Control

The white Grub feeds on the roots of the lawn and can causes evere damage if left un treated. First the grubs will eat off the roots causing patches to die off. Then they lay thousands of eggs, the rodents such as vols, skunks, raccoons and hedge hogs burrow looking for these dormant creatures.    This can be very costly to repair the damage behind.

Beneficial Nemotodes can be apply in Spring and fall to help fight off these pests. Other measures can be used if an infestation has occurred.
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Completed in the spring when the grass is typically dry. A Ryan Reno-thin Dethatcher with a flail blade system, brings up all the old dead grass, and then is removed by vacuum cutting the turf. All the debris is removed, and now the conditions are ideal for the spring fertilizer application. The granular fertilizer pellets can now get to the soil and absorbed in the root of the turf….. Probably the most important task in the spring in establishing a thick, lush stand of grass!


Core aeration is a Very important practice for your lawn. Not only does it create growth pockets for new roots, it also allows water and fertilizer to reach the root zone of your lawn. Annual or semi annual aeration allows oxygen to reach the roots and lessens the amount of thatch that will follow the following season.

Lime Treatment

Lime helps when acid levels are elevated and and the PH level in no longer in balance. This can occur in shady areas, evergreen areas and other soil types. An annual lime treatment will improve your lawns colour and density, resulting in a thicker greener lawn.

Lawn Rolling

Done in the spring when the temperature and soil moisture is ideal. A good rolling will help smooth out imperfections brought by winter critters and the thaw of the ground. Book your appointment today!

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